Student Projects

Check out some of the cool projects our dancers have created with the help of Orchesis and our members!

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Melody Tai (CC'19) & Karina Encarnación (CC'21)

The following project was created by Melody Tai (CC ’19) (former Orchesis Chair 2018 and director of The MaMa Project: Terraform) in collaboration with architecture student and dancer Karina Encarnación (CC’21). This video was a final project for the course "Dance Composition: Collaboration and the Creative Process (DNCE BC 3565)" offered by the Barnard Dance Department and taught by Colleen Thomas. The class is designed as a study in dance composition with particular focus on artistic collaboration both with other dancers and in other mediums. To gather a dance ensemble, Melody and Karina invited Orchesis dancers to participate.

Choreography: Melody Tai and Karina Encarnación
Collaboration: Karina Encarnación (Architecture)

Cinematography by Olivia Roche
Production Assistance by Sophie Visscher-Lubinizki
Tech Assistance by Nadia Halim

Music: Buzzcut Season by Lorde
Performed by: Melody Tai and Karina Encarnación
Dance Ensemble: Sarah Beck, Erin Ergun, Zoe Novello, Sanjana Marcé, Kyra Schindler, Abigail Schreier, Sophie Visscher-Lubinizki, Morgan Zee,

Melody Tai (CC'19) and Karina Encarnación (CC'21)