About the MaMa Project

The MaMa Project is a satellite dance organization supported by Orchesis, Columbia University's largest dance group. The MaMa Project is an outlet for a chosen choreographer(s) to explore and expand their creative process by developing their own thematic evening-length work. It is an opportunity for dancers to be in a cast of a smaller size and of a more intimate nature. Collaboratively, the group creates a new work through process-based choreographic methods that allow for originality, catharsis, and creativity.

Cast of Worth Saving (The MaMa Project 2019-2020, choreographed by Zoe Novello) in promotional photography captured by Jillian Roche
Cast of Terraform (The MaMa Project 2018-2019, choreographed by Melody Tai) in promotional photography captured by Savannah Lim..
Cast of See Me (The MaMa Project 2017-2018, choreographed by Max Goldner) in promotional photography captured by Kurt Huckleberry.

Choreographer applications for the MaMa Project open at the end of the spring semester, and auditions to participate in the year's MaMa Project take place at the beginning of the fall semester (usually the second weekend of classes). Choreographer applications will be made available on the Applications and Forms page.

Past choreographers include:

Pimprenelle Behaeghel (BC '24), Annika Voorheis (BC '24), Maya Puri (SEAS '23), Lauren Wilkins (CC '22), Abigail Schreier (BC '21), Zoe Novello (BC '21), Melody Tai (CC '19), Max Goldner (CC '19), Colette Kelly (BC '17), Catherine Haber (BC '16), Ivy Vega (BC '15), Aly Yee (BC '15), Liana Gergely (BC '14), Kyley Knoerzer (BC '13), Jaclyn Hoffman (CC '14), Marie Janicek (BC '12), Caroline Walthall (BC '11), & Shilpa Vashishta (BC '10).